What To Expect Regarding Worship

One of the most common questions people want answered when visiting a church is:

What kind of worship do they have? 
(And this often really means…What kind of music do they have? )

Because of our desire to stay connected with traditional Christian worship, as well as to enjoy some of the best of today’s Christ-centered music, we strive for a blend of hymns and contemporary music. Our goal is to incorporate the best of the old and the best of the new.

Our worship, however, goes beyond singing to God. We worship God by corporately praying to Him, thus honoring His greatness as the the One to Whom we must cry out. We worship God through giving tithes and offerings, thus being concrete as we acknowledge that all we have belongs to Him. We even worship God by hearing His Word read and proclaimed through sermons since He is honored when we yearn to hear what He has to say and we then take it to heart. 

All of us worship something - because God made us to be worshipers. In addition to singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, God also calls us to worship Him through the reading and preaching of His word, the Bible, as well as through prayer, giving of ourselves and our resources, and the sacraments that He instituted.

Worshiping God together, through the mercy found in Jesus Christ, is the basis of our life together at New Covenant. Our prayer is that you would personally experience the new life offered in Christ through the gospel, and express that new life by joining with your fellow believers in Christ-centered, God-honoring worship.