Most of us have busy lives.

These groups are where church “happens” during the week.
The Bible calls us to love one another, pray for one another, and encourage one another, which is difficult to do in the few minutes we’re at church on Sundays. It’s critically important that we connect with others, and it’s so encouraging – just ask anyone who attends any of the groups listed.

These groups are where authentic relationships are formed.
Community groups usually consist of 8-12 people meeting in a home or at church where you can expect good food, Bible study, laughter, and friendship.  We take time out from our busy schedules to meet weekly to learn Biblical principles and to encourage one another. The Gospel teaches us that we are a gift to one another, and that we need one another as we seek to follow Jesus.

All of our community groups are open for you to visit.
In fact, we encourage everyone to visit a few before deciding on the group that is the best fit.  We want our community groups to feel like home. 

Community Groups

Indian River - Hosted by: Kevin & Karen Gest
Larkspur  - Hosted by: Mark & Murlene Leech
Fellowship Hall (families)  - Hosted by: Jeff & Becky Brauch
Great Bridge  - Hosted by:Tim & Deana Dryden
Fairfield (families)  - Hosted by: Kurt & Joanne Nelson

Chesapeake - Hosted by: Jeff & Margaret Elliott      

For more information about any of our community groups please call or text Pastor Tim at 757-550-7601 or email him.