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With the build-out of the Children's Ministry Wing complete and the demolition of the Preschool Building accomplished, the current task on hand is the paving of the new driveway and parking at the end of the Children's Ministry Wing. Once this is completed, the site work for the laying of the new building's foundation will begin!


Even though the new driveway and parking on the end will not be paved for a week or two, we should be able to start using it Sunday, July 20, for both parking and access to the rear parking lot. It is packed down and well able to handle traffic. The old driveway that led to the back will be closed from now on. With good weather, we should have the new sidewalks poured in the next week or so, after which we will again have entry available through the doors at the end of the building by the Children's Wing and Pastor Tim's office.


The first layer of pavement on the new driveway has been functional since early August, and the sidewalk along the back of the church and the entrance to the breezeway is now completed. The sitework is completed and the pipes needed for the plumbing and electrical lines are being laid now in preparation for pouring the foundation for the new building.


The foundation is poured, the iron is up, the roof is on and they are working on insulating the walls. They are also joining the sewer lines with the church’s current lines, so please be patient while the sidewalks are torn up!

Building Update 092514_Combo.jpg

Check back soon for more construction updates!