Compassion Without Compromise, Week 6

The handout for Compassion Without Compromise, Week 6, can be downloaded here.

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Join us as we think through God's design for sexuality, where homosexual issues fit, and how we as believers and as a church are to think and behave in love toward those on the outside and the inside of the church who either struggle with same-sex attraction or fully embrace the LGBT lifestyle. Our culture is not silent in these areas and neither should we be! 

Questions addressed:

  • What does the Bible teach about homosexuality?
  • What does the gospel say about how Christians and churches are to respond to these issues? Can we have compassion without compromise?
  • What should be the posture of the church toward the LGBT community??
  • What if someone says, "I was born this way?"
  • Aren't we just picking & choosing which Old Testament laws to obey?
  • Can/Should you change your sexual orientation?
  • If two people love each other and want to stay committed to each other, what's the big deal if they are the same gender?
  • How do I love a gay or lesbian family member without ostracizing them, but still stay faithful to the Scripture's teaching on homosexuality?
  • What are some resources for me to explore in processing these issues?
  • How do sin and temptation work? (this applies to all sin)